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Apple introduces 3 new Iphones; XR, Xs and XsMax with 512 GB memory



Exactly a year after introducing the Iphone X, Apple just announced its new Iphones at the Steve Jobs Theatre,Cupertino, California. The new phones are the Iphone XR, Iphone Xs and IPhone Xs Max.

The Iphone Xs  comes with a 5.8 Super Retina custom OLED display with a 2436×1125 resolution while the Iphone Xs Max commands a big 6.5 Super Retina Custom OLED display with a 2688×1242 resolution. Both phones have a 458 pixel per inch feature. That is just amazing.

The face ID technology was improved in the new versions of Iphones with your face as the password. You can also use the face ID to make payment. The Face ID adopts an advanced machine learning to recognise changes in appearances. Whether you wear a hat or you put on glasses, the face recognition is intact.

The phones adopts the smartest most powerful chip in any smartphone in the A12 Bionic. It uses real-time machine learning to transform the way you experience photos, gaming, augmented reality, and more. This makes the CPU to be much faster than previous versions of the Iphone.

The camera in both phones heralds a new era of photography with the smart HDR bringing more highlight and shadow to your photos. The phones have even more sophisticated bokeh, or background blur, for stunning portraits and the all-new Depth Control lets you adjust the depth of field after you shoot. The pictures taken with the phone is just incredible. See some amazing photos here

The Iphone XR is more affordable with virtually the same functionality as others except for a lower resolution. The memory sizes in previous versions of Iphones were maintained with an introduction of a whooping 512 Gb memory for the Xs and the Xs Max; that can take about 200,000 images. Really amazing,

The pricing of the new Iphones starts at: Iphone XR -$749, Iphone Xs-$999, Iphone Xs Max-$1,099. The Iphone Xs can be preordered from September 14 while the Iphone Xs Max can be pre-ordered from October 19.

Watch the full event here

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