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5 Types Of Books That Should Be In Your Personal Library.

Mike Akintayo



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You’ve probably heard the saying that “Readers are leaders” several times. Well, the saying is still true.

One of the habit successful people cultivate is reading books and I believe you should cultivate it too.
I love what Dr. Seuss said on books. He said “The more that you read, the more things you know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go”.

The importance of reading cannot be overemphasize. In books, lies solution to numerous problems and answers to questions.

Reading books makes you relevant in any field you find yourself. Benefits of reading books include Mental Stimulation, improve your writing prowess, improve your analytical skills, makes you more focus, helps in decision making, improves memory and improve

Other benefits include vocabulary development, improve the quality of your conversation with others, shapes our world view etc

Reading books is now easier than ever before, we now have books in different formats unlike several years ago when the only types of books is book in prints. We now have books in audio formats, ebooks etc

While this article is not to reveal to you why you need to read alone but the types of books you should have in your personal library.

The types of books you have in your personal library matters a lot because it will determine the types of books you will often read. Here are types of books you should have in your personal library in no order of importance include :

1. BIOGRAPHIES AND AUTOBIOGRAPHIES: Biographies are books written and published
about an individual life. According to Wikipedia, it is a description of a person’s life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death; it portrays a person’s experience of these life events.

Autobiographies on the other hand are stories on one’s life written by oneself. Isaac Newton is reputed to be the one of the greatest scientist that ever lived. One of his famous quotes read “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giant’s.

You see, one of the ways to stand on shoulders of giant is to read their life account in their books.

Reading Biographies and autobiographies of great people will make you see things they do differently that makes them successful such as their habits, approach to issues, responsibilities, philosophies about life and so on.

You will also discover things they do wrong and how to avoid them.
Biographies and autobiographies also inspire you to go ahead to do great things like those you’ve always admire.

It will motivate you to do what seems impossible since you’ve seen it happen in their life(Those you read their Biographies).

Biographies and autobiographies also gives you opportunity to have distance mentors. It makes you know their thought process and view. By reading the biographies of those you admire, you’re indirectly getting mentorship from them.

I have never met Richard Branson of Virgin airlines but by reading his book I have gained a lot from him.

Therefore, having autobiography and biographies is important in ones personal library.

Who is that person you admire or love what he or she does? Why don’t you get a copy of their Biographies or autobiographies?Add them to your personal library and do well to read.

2. SPIRITUAL BOOKS: It is often said that we are spiritual being having human experience.

Spiritual books leads to spiritual awakening. Irrespective of your religion belief, having spiritual books in your personal library will help you develop your spiritual

It will help you understand some core reasons, practices, principles behind your religion belief.

Spiritual books will make you an enlightened being. Also, one of the ways to experience Spiritual growth is by reading good spiritual books.

Some spirituals books are therapeutic, by reading them your mind get resurged and free.
So include spiritual books in your personal library.

3. FINANCIAL BOOKS: Financial literacy is important. The first Financial books I read was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, after which I read The Richest Man in Babylon.

Those two books called my attention to basic personal finance principles such as save before spending and not spend after saving, save 10% of your income, work to learn and not to earn, invest your money, etc.

The importance of money can’t be underemphasize. To be rich or wealthy goes beyond earning salary or having your own business.

You must understand how money works to be truly wealthy and one of the ways to know the truth about money is by reading financial books.

Money has its Language and you will learn its language by reading
financial books.

Personal finance books will expose you to some principles that will not only teach you how to make money but also how to manage and invest your money in the right way.

People without financial literacy can never be financially free even if they earn more than their peers. Therefore include Finance books in your library.

4. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT/SELF-HELP BOOKS : Self help books make you a better leader of and broaden your knowledge of human potential.

The truth is that we all need motivation. There are several Personal development books that covers various topics.

Personal development books will help you discover more about yourself, time management, maximize your potential, break barriers and self imposed limitation,how to set goals, etc.

Nuggets from self help books can be mastered and used to conquer various challenges of life.

Self help books help you make better choices and take positive actions if lessons learnt in them are applied to life situations.

5. BOOKS RELATED TO YOUR PROFESSION: To be recognize as an authority in any field, you must
have deep knowledge and must be able to offer insight in that field.

Reading books related to your field will expose you to information that will make you stand you out among your colleagues.

A medical doctor who study more books related to his field will make a better doctor than his colleagues.

You want to be sought after in your Field, then include books related to your field in your personal library.

As you acquire all this books, you have to know that acquisition of books is not enough, you must apply what you gained.

Do you have any question? Please ask in the comment session.


Personal Development

7 Ways To Attract The Right Mentor in this Digital Age

Mike Akintayo



Photo by Monica Melton
There are some hacks that you can apply that will help you get access to your right mentor. You have to  strategically position yourself for you to get mentorship from the person you look up to.
Below are steps or principles that will help you get access to mentorship in this digital age:
1. Be a person of value : Focus first on developing yourself to be a person of value. Doing so will make attracting desired mentors easy.  No one likes to mentor someone who doesn’t have anything to offer. Your gift,  talents, and skills are what you need to give in exchange for mentorship.
2. Be ready to offer your skill for FREE: Aside being a person of value, you must be ready to offer your skill to them for free. Volunteer to help them solve a particular problem using your skill.

3. Show seriousness and willingness to learn: You must be willing and show an interest to learn. Willingness is prime to attract your mentors. Nobody will be interested in mentoring an individual that is not willing to learn. Doing so is a waste of energy and resources( time, knowledge, experience etc). Know that mentorship is a privilege not your right.  Therefore, be open minded and ready to learn.

4. Engage your desired mentor’s social media pages: This is one of the wonders of the digital age. If they have personal social media pages, do well to follow them closely.  Don’t just learn from them and go on with life. Try your best to engage their posts by liking their post, write insightful comments, share, talk about how the person’s works have inspired you, talk about how you’ve made use of one of their strategies to get results (don’t tell lies), retweet their tweets etc.

5. Invest :  Yeah,  investment yield profits. If your desired mentor writes a book, do your best to buy and read the book. If the person publishes an article, do your best to read and learn from it. Investing in their resources will make you know about them,  their thought on issues, and will be a good conversation starter.

6. Attend Their Events : If your desired mentor is speaking in your school, around your workplace or in your city, make an effort to attend and if the opportunity allows, strike a conversation. If they need volunteers, offer to volunteer. Volunteering helps you to learn new skills, meet new people,  expand your network etc.

7. Shoot your shot: Now,  after doing all this,  and you’re faithful with it,  take a step further by shooting your shot. If the person says no, do not feel bad. Move on and approach someone else. All the best.

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Personal Development

5 questions you should ask yourself to achieve your goals this year.

Mike Akintayo



What I am about to share with you will be a game changer for you especially if you’ve been struggling to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Applying what you learn from this article will make what seems difficult to achieve look very simple to achieve.

I have applied it personally and guess what? It works like magic. Life is too short to do guess work, it is important you do what works. OK, let’s get started.

The truth is that many of us set goals(Big or small) but very few achieve their goals. Those few actually practice some things and principles consciously or subconsciously and one of those things is asking the right question. Once you can ask yourself the right questions and provide the right answers, believe me, the dots will connect.

I don’t know the goals you’ve set but by asking yourself this set of questions, those goals will be achievable before the end of the year.



So here are 5 important question that will not only help you set the right goals but CRUSH your goals:

1. What exactly do you want to achieve?

This sound funny right? I know but the truth is many don’t know what exactly they want to achieve. Today they want this, tomorrow they want that. Several people keep swinging from one thing to another like the pendulum bulb used in physics practicals during my secondary school days. Just kidding.

You have to know what exactly you want to achieve. Don’t be like those young children who often replied with different answers when you ask of their future ambition.

Some of them want to become a Doctor now and in few minute again they want to be a lawyer. Life is not like that.

Those that achieve their goals know exactly what they want even if you wake them up from their sleep.

Definiteness of purpose is key to achievement of goals. Have you read a powerful book called “Think And Grow rich” ? The book is a all time bestseller book written by “Napoleon Hill. By the way, you should read that book if you’ve not done so before.

One of the profound lesson this book teaches is the importance of definite purpose. By having a definite thing you want to achieve, you will ignore distractions and focus on what truly matter to you(YOUR GOAL).

You will agree with me that we live in a distracted world. There are a lot of things calling our attention and can easily get us distracted.

That is why you must be exact with what you want to achieve. I want to buy a car is not enough. Narrow it down. What type of car? What type of colour? Be definite. Know exactly what you want. So ask yourself ” What exactly do I want to achieve?

2. Why exactly do you want to achieve it?

This question is what people often don’t pay attention to but a very important one. Your why is the reason or motive behind what you want to achieve.

It is your “Why” that will determine if you will give up when things are tough or not. Your “Why” will determine the level of your tenacity.

Have you heard of Martin Luther King “? I believe you should have. He achieved his goals of true freedom for the black just because of his ” Why”.

He could have give up easily because of the pressures and pains. But he couldn’t because he has a strong “Why”.

He has a strong reason for pursuing that goal. He wasn’t doing it to be praise by men but doing it for the sake of humanity. How strong is your “Why”?

Your “WHY” must be right. It must motivate you. Is your goal to meet a need or to satisfy a greed? Will achieving it make you better or bitter?

Unfortunately, many people focus on what and how but neglect the why. Any goal that won’t bring you fulfilment is not worth pursuing. Any goal that won’t make you happy should not be pursued.

Any goal that is not in alignment with what you ultimate purpose is not worth pursuing.

Pursuing those goals that is not in alignment with your ultimate purpose is like chasing after wind.

Why do I want to achieve this goal?” should be a burning question in your heart. And guess what? If your why is right, you won’t take “NO” as answer and give up even when rejected.

A strong ” Why” will make you rise after every fall. It will help you not to be dejected despite being rejected.

Those that achieve their goals have strong why and you must have one too if you will achieve your goals.

If you don’t have a strong why, please create one for yourself. By doing so, you are automatically set yourself on a journey of possibilities. Ask yourself right now ” Why exactly do I want to achieve it?

Goal setting

3. When exactly did you want to achieve it?

This is very important. If two individual set the same goal but one has a deadline and the other didn’t, with no iota of doubt, all things being equal, the one with deadline has higher chance of achieving that goal than the individual who didn’t have a deadline .

When exactly did you want to achieve your goals? Is it next week, next month, 2 weeks time? .

It’s all yours to decide but you must have a deadline. You have to know that Goal without deadline is just a wish.
If you will achieve your goals, you must attached a deadline. And make sure it’s a definite one. Pick a date e.g September 28, 2018.

Always remember that goal without a deadline is just mere wish. And wishes is cheap.

Cheaper than salt. Having a deadline will make you do the right thing at the right time. It will make you know the length of time available for you to achieve your goals.

However, don’t set unrealistic deadline meaning that your deadline must be a realistic one.

You know yourself more than anyone knows you. Therefore, attached a deadline to your goal. I am not saying you shouldn’t stretch yourself but do it wisely.

I once heard a quote and I attest that it is true. The quotes is “Goals without deadline is dead on arrival. So ask yourself ” When exactly did I want to achieve it? “ 

4. Who or what do you need? You see, you can’t do it all alone, you will need resources to achieve your goal.

That is just the way this world is structured. You have to use what you have to get what you want. Just the way the computer requires some input to produce an output, your goals requires that you input certain resources for you to be able to achieve it.

Of course, the type of resource depends on the goals you want to achieve. However, that still doesn’t mean you won’t need any resources whatsoever.

From my perspective, there are two basic resources you will need to help you achieve your goals.

They are Human and other resources. Human resource are the people you need on your journey to achieving your goal.

Other resource are countable or uncountable resources you need to achieve your goals. Both of them are important.

Will you need to make one or two contact with some set of people.

You want to appear on TV? Why not find out someone that works in a TV station or meet someone that have once appeared on TV to put you through?

I have applied this method and it works. A recent example is this, I wanted to speak on a platform but I knew it will be somehow difficult but I took the bold step to tell the convener and show him some results I had produced in that area. He eventually accepted that I will be opportune to speak in the next meet up.

The truth is that some goals requires material resource especially money while others requires uncountable resource such as time, commitment etc. Its all a matter of resources.

Your goals can become a reality if you have the right ” Who ” and “What you need to achieve your goals. So ask yourself “Who or what do you need to achieve your goal?

5. How can you achieve your goal? Yea. This is also very important. You have to have a plan and strategy in place to achieve your goals.

Many people don’t have strategy in place, all they do is to Hope. What they never know is that Hope is not a strategy.

You have to have a mapped out way of achieving your goal. Sometimes, you might need to think of different ways before deciding which one fit in the best for you.

Just as there are different ways to kill a bird, there are also different way to achieve your goal.

Spare some time to think through how you intend achieving your goal.

Your goal won’t achieve itself if you don’t take proactive step towards achieving it.

In fact, i was able to achieve one of my goal this year because i discovered that i have to beg for a price deduction because my income couldn’t meet the cash requirements. And guess what? I eventually begged and the price was slashed just because I begged. If I was hoping for the goal to be achieved and not strategize, I might not be able to achieve it. That’s the power of “How”.

However, knowing your “HOW” is useless if you won’t implement it. It is also worthy of note that Your how can change. Don’t be rigid but flexible.

If a way is not working through, strategize other ways just make sure it is still the right way.

Like I said earlier , just as there are different ways to kill a bird, there are different ways to achieve your goals.

When a way is not working, strategize other way to make things work. Because it doesn’t work So ask yourself “How do I intend achieving your goal?

Well, I believe what you should have with you now is your pen and paper.

Its time to get to work. Your goals are achievable if only you ask yourself the right questions.

Do you have any question? Kindly ask, we are here to help you.

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Personal Development

Finding it difficult to get a job? Read this.

Oluseun Akinrinoye



If you have been unsuccessful at interviews or aptitude tests and you are getting tired and frustrated, don’t just give up yet.

Many people attend interviews and go for aptitude tests only to receive unsuccessful emails, they tend to wonder when the “Congratulations’ email will come.

I know this is quite frustrating and it feels really bad, but I have a good news for you. The fact that you get invitations for interview means you have something on your Cv or resume that recruiters like and they would like to meet you in person.

All you need to do is to show that what they have read about you is true and you have all the competencies and skills required to be suucesful at the role. You have a duty to showcase your competencies at the interview.

To have better results from interviews and aptitude tests, the following steps may help;

1. What exact stage of the recruitment are you having problems? Is it during the interview, case interview  or aptitude tests?

2. If it is at the interview stage, you must be able to identify what the issue is. Is it confidence , or nervousness? Are there questions you find difficult that you are unable to give the write answers to? Is it a communication issue? is there a need to enroll in online communication classes to improve your communication skills?

3. Are you having a challenge at the aptitude/recruitment test stage? Do you have issues passing GMAT, SHL , dragnet etc? Is it a personality test problem?

4. Once you know what the problem is, seek for help. If it’s interview, get someone you trust to coach you and probably conduct mock for you. Read articles on interviews and if you have to take online courses, please do. Make adjustments based on the persons observations per your mock or the courses you do.

5. If it is aptitude test, look for someone that can teach you so you can improve your performance. Go on sites like KhanAcademy.

You will have free access to learn Mathematics, English, GMAT and other standardized test. Practice a lot of questions to improve.

5. Make sure you learn anything you need to learn and give it your best. Take it seriously and practice before your next interview or test. I believe you can learn anything you put your mind into, so you don’t have to be scared.

You will be surprised how fast you will improve.

All the best.

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